Every Computer Science concentrator is assigned an advisor from the Computer Science faculty. This will happen before the start of the next term. When you declare, or if you would like to change your concentration advisor, you are welcome to express your preferences, if any, for your concentration advisor by filling in this form. We will try to accommodate your preferences, but may be unable to do so. Because faculty go on leave, you may occasionally be assigned to a different faculty advisor. Your concentration advisor appears in your advising network in my.harvard with the role “Ind Concentration Advisor”.

Your concentration advisor releases the advisor holds during course selection. Your advisor can also help you understand the concentration requirements, discuss your academic interests, and offer advice on course choices and future plans. You should meet with your concentration advisor once each term, typically (but not necessarily) before the Course Registration deadline. Your concentration advisor should email you at or before the beginning of the term, but feel free to reach out to them.

If you are not a CS concentrator, or your concentration advisor can’t help, you can contact the co-Directors of Undergraduate Studies for Computer Science, Professors Stephen Chong and Boaz Barak. Please check the websites of Prof. Chong and Prof. Barak for current office hours or email

For administrative issues, you can contact Kathy Lovell, the SEAS Undergraduate Academic Programs Administrator.

The Harvard College Advising Programs Office is charged with coordinating, supporting, and facilitating academic advising programs for all undergraduates and, as such, works with students, faculty, the First-Year Experience Office, the Houses and other Harvard College and FAS offices on all aspects of pre-concentration and concentration advising.