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Cross-registering at MIT

Harvard students can cross register for courses at MIT. The following pages can be useful in how to do so:

You should also talk to your resident dean to make sure the process goes smoothly.

If you would like your cross-registered course to count towards your overall Harvard GPA, you must submit a form to the registrar’s office for the course to count for concentration credit. This form is due by the 5th Monday of the term you take the course. More information on the grading policy of cross-registered courses is available in the Handbook.

Some MIT courses can count towards the Computer Science concentration. This table lists some of these courses. If you want to petition for counting a course that is not listed in the table, email cs-dus@seas.harvard.edu with the syllabus of the course, any other information, and what requirement would you like it to count for (e.g., elective, breadth, theory, math, etc..). Please be aware that it may take several weeks for the DUS team to make a decision in consultation with our colleagues.

A tip on getting to MIT: The LMA M2 shuttle is free with a Harvard ID. You can also use the T (red line), a bus (the MBTA 1), or a Blue Bike.