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The following table summarizes the concentration requirements at a glance. See the Degree Programs page or the Computer Science handbook entry for more information about the different tracks within the computer science concentration. The courses page provides more detailed information of which courses count for which requirements. See also sample schedules for the first two years.

If you are ready to declare a CS concentration, please follow these steps. You can also see how to combine CS with other areas the forms of a secondary concentration, joint concentration, or other means.

Category Number of required courses Basic Concentration Honors Concentration
Mathematics (Total: 2-4 courses)
    Preparation 0-2 Math 1a and/or Math 1b as needed same
    Linear algebra 1 Math 21b/22a/23a/25a/55a, AM 21b/22a same
    Probability/statistics or Multivariable calculus 1 Stat 110 or Math 21a/22b/23b/23c/25b/55b, AM 21a same
Basic Software 2 2 out of CS 50, CS 51, CS 61 same
Theory 2 CS 121 + CS 124 or other theory course same
Technical Electives 4 (6 for honors) 4 courses from list that includes CS 20, CS 51-299, STAT 110, AM 106, AM 107, and others. (at most one CS 91r) 6 courses from same list
Breadth Requirement 2 tech electives must be CS with distinct penultimate digit 3-8 3 tech electives must be CS with distinct penultimate digit 3-8
Tutorial At most one CS91r is tech elective same
Thesis Not required Not required but recommended

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