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Welcome to the Harvard CS advising website!

This website contains information relevant to current Harvard College students that are studying computer science as a primary, secondary, or joint concentration, or are interested in doing so. It is maintained by the Harvard CS Directors of Undergraduate Studies (DUSs) Boaz Barak and Stephen Chong. You can always reach us at cs-dus@seas.harvard.edu.

The following official websites contain more information about Harvard, Computer Science, and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences: The Computer Science Area website contains information about research areas, faculty, and administration in computer science at Harvard. The Harvard admissions website contains information about applying to study at Harvard. Information for prospective undergrads interested in the School Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) can be found here.


If you are considering concentrating in Computer Science, we highly recommend you check out our resources page as well as read our FAQ. You should also join the Harvard CS Undergraduate Piazza board.

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