Peer Concentration Advisors

Peer Concentration Advisors (PCAs) serve as peer advisors for current CS concentrators and pre-concentrators, providing a valuable perspective and helping students to discover additional resources and opportunities. Students can reach out to meet with PCAs with similar academic, career, or extracurricular interests.

Coming soon: More information about the initiatives and programs run by the PCAs…

For more information, including if you are interested in being a PCA, please reach out to Janet Chen

Alaisha Sharma

Picture of Alaisha Sharma

Class of 2020, lives in Kirkland. From Mountain View, CA.

CS Interests: My background is varied (frontend, backend, UI/UX, data viz) and I’m still exploring! One area I’m super interested in data science and visualization, especially as it applies to environment and sustainability initiatives (think Google’s Project Sunroof). I also enjoy thinking about how to improve UI/UX from a design perspective, and would like to gain more experience in app development.

Other Interests: My favorite hobby is dance, and on campus I’m involved with Ghungroo, Expressions, and Eleganza. I also enjoy putting together the WECode (Women Engineers Code) conference annually, and hacking with HODP (Harvard Open Data Project) on projects like exploring gender disparity in faculty. During my down time, you’ll find me looking for new places to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Also: I came to Harvard with zero programming experience, so always happy to talk to anyone who might feel hesitant/worried about getting into CS “late in the game” (there is no such thing!)

Alisha Ukani

Picture of Alisha Ukani

Class of 2020, lives in Pforzheimer. From Weston, MA.

CS Interests: My primary academic CS interest is systems programming. My industry focuses are back-end web development, systems, and software architecture.

Other Interests: I’m a member of the City of Cambridge’s Open Data Review Board, and the Senior Tech Director for the Harvard Political Review. I’ve also been involved with HackHarvard as a Director and WiCS as Community Director. I do research in the CS department and at HKS, and TF for CS 61.

Also: I can help give perspective on balancing CS classes and non-STEM classes/internships. Also, if you’re at all curious (or even nervous) about systems I’m happy to demystify what courses and research are like in this area!

Angeline Rao

Class of 2019, lives in Mather. From Sugar Land, TX.

CS Interests: Anything ML or algorithms, Econ x CS, Product, CS Education, Diversity & Inclusivity in tech

Other Interests: I dance and write children’s books, and I’m also in WiCS!

Brian Yu

Picture of Brian Yu

Class of 2019, lives in Winthrop. From Danville, CA.

CS Interests: I’m a joint concentrator in linguistics, so I’m interested in computational linguistics and natural language processing. I’m also interested in web application development. Within the department, I’m also very involved as a teaching fellow– I’ve been part of the teaching staff for CS50, CS51, and CS20.

Other Interests: I’m a news editor and designer at The Crimson, and I’m involved with a number of education outreach programs.

Hailey James

Picture of Hailey James

Class of 2019, lives in Lowell. From American Fork Utah .

CS Interests: I’m interested in technology and social good, and especially how problems and innovations in these areas can be tackled through data science and machine learning. I was originally a member of the Class of 2017 and intending to major in Chemistry/Integrative Biology/Applied Math, and now I’m Class of 2019 and CS (having no CS experience prior to CS50 sophomore year), so I promise you are not too far behind. I also studied abroad at AIT in Budapest, Hungary my junior spring (talk to me about study abroad as a CS concentrator!). I am currently researching political trends on Twitter with Professor Jim Waldo, participating as a member of Techtopia, and riding my bike every day from Kendall Square where I live off-campus (feel free to use all your extra board-plus to swipe me into the dhall).

Other Interests: Cycling, running, hiking, and generally being outside

Also: Talk to me about interning at Facebook, studying abroad, starting CS as a sophomore, and more!

Janet Chen

Class of 2019, lives in Cabot. From Westborough, MA.

CS Interests: Systems, Machine Learning

Other Interests: Harvard WiCS, Cabot Cafe, Rough Draft Ventures, Formaggio Kitchen

Jennifer Lee

Picture of Jennifer Lee

Class of 2020, lives in Leverett. From Walnut Creek.

CS Interests: Within computer science, I’m interested in its intersection with law, policy, and the government. At Harvard, I’ve focused on its impacts on privacy and data, while outside of school I’ve worked for a civic technology organization and on political data analysis.

Other Interests: Outside of the classroom, I am a student coordinator for the Harvard Financial Aid Initiative, participate in various music and theater activities(Harvard Choruses, HRDC), and am in Leverett House Committee.

Katherine Binney

Picture of Katherine Binney

Class of 2019, lives in Leverett. From Weston, MA.

CS Interests: Within Computer Science, I’ve really loved the robotics class I took and some of my theory classes. I’m planning on writing a thesis in robotics and may try to go to grad school in that field.

Other Interests: Outside of class, I do a lot of CS-related activities! I’m really involved with Women in Computer Science and TF for CS classes. I also like to run and really enjoy attending House activities.

Kevin Fei

Picture of Kevin Fei

Class of 2019, lives in Cabot. From Carmel, IN.

CS Interests: Quantum Computing, Security, Game Development

Other Interests: Ballroom, rock climbing

Madeleine Lapuerta

Picture of Madeleine Lapuerta

Class of 2020, lives in Leverett. From Princeton, NJ.

CS Interests: iOS application design, web development

Other Interests: cheerleading team, Bumble, fashion line, travel

Michelle Vaccaro

Picture of Michelle Vaccaro

Class of 2019, lives in Quincy. From McLean, VA.

CS Interests: Computer ethics; algorithmic fairness; artificial intelligence and society; social networks; privacy and surveillance

Other Interests: Running Club (President), Catholic Student Association (Steering Committee), Women in Computer Science (Communications Director)

Also: Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about computer science at Harvard or just want to chat!

Milan Williams

Picture of Milan Williams

Class of 2021, lives in Adams. From San Jose.

CS Interests: My interests in Computer Science range widely. I’m a student leader for Rewriting the Code, a women’s undergraduate computer science fellowship, serving as a member of their Tech for Social Good team. There, I’m involved in using tech to help others, whether that is through government reform, community engagement, or access to educational resources, I’m here for it! I’m also a joint concentration in Computer Science and Physics, so quantum computing and its future implications are big interests of mine.

Other Interests: Outside of the classroom, you’ll find me onstage as part of the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club, participating in plays and musicals, all directed by Harvard students. I’m also very involved in Women in Computer Science, serving as a member of their Advocacy Council.

Philippe Noël

Picture of Philippe Noël

Class of 2020, lives in Leverett. From Rivière-du-Loup, Québec, Canada.

CS Interests: Within Computer Science, I’m mainly interested about artificial intelligence and intelligent systems, and more specifically with their interactions with the human brain (brain-machine interfaces and the like).

Other Interests: Outside the classroom, I’m involved in the social entrepreneurship community at Harvard as a Cheng Fellow and S&S. I’m also on the badminton club, part of TEDxHarvard and spend my free time playing guitar, poker or swimming!

Raymond Wang

Picture of Raymond Wang

Class of 2020, lives in Currier. From Vancouver, BC.

CS Interests: AI, ML, IoT, CS x Neuroscience, Synthetic Biology

Other Interests: Private Pilot, Marching Band, Model Congress, Technical Theater.

Sam Goldman

Picture of Sam Goldman

Class of 2019, lives in Lowell. From Port Washington, NY.

CS Interests: I’m interested in applications of computer science to systems and computational biology.

Other Interests: I’m on the Varsity Wrestling Team, work as a researcher in a systems biology lab, and try to convince my friends to join Datamatch.

Sathvik Sudireddy

Picture of Sathvik Sudireddy

Class of 2019, lives in Lowell. From Andover.

CS Interests: Video Game Development, VR/AR, Human Computer Interaction, Design

Other Interests: Stat 110 TF, Theater, Dharma (Harvard’s Hindu Students Club)

Sebastian Alexander Schwartz

Picture of Sebastian Alexander Schwartz

Class of 2020, lives in off campus. From Sydney.

CS Interests: Data Science, Machine Learning, AI

Other Interests: On rugby team

Sundar Solai

Picture of Sundar Solai

Class of 2019, lives in Currier. From West Windsor, NJ.

CS Interests: I enjoy algorithms, probability, and applying computer science to non-technical organizations to make them more efficient.

Other Interests: I enjoy teaching both as a TF and through the Digital Literacy Project, a volunteer CS teaching group that goes to Boston middle schools on a weekly basis. Moreover, I run the Harvard Association for U.S.-China Relations, which organizes major educational conferences for Chinese high school students.

Suproteem Sarkar

Picture of Suproteem Sarkar

Class of 2019, lives in Winthrop. From Philadelphia, PA.

CS Interests: Algorithmic Game Theory/EconCS, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Robotics

Other Interests: Social impact technology, piano, a cappella, beatbox

Thomas Orton

Picture of Thomas Orton

Class of 2019, lives in Cabot. From Cape Town (South Africa).

CS Interests: Theory of Computation, Algorithms, Machine Learning, AI

Other Interests: Piano, (amateur) epic orchestral music composition, algorithmic crypto trading, anime super resolution, generation of images using GANs.

Will Deuschle

Picture of Will Deuschle

Class of 2019, lives in Eliot. From Buffalo.

CS Interests: FE/mobile dev, statistical inference

Other Interests: climbing, improv comedy, ultimate frisbee