Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Research may be part of your coursework or as as part of individual research opportunities working with professors.

Learn about Harvard CS Faculty’s research by looking at the following Google spreadsheet on Faculty Research Interests and Office Hours. In addition to information about their research, it lists their office hours. Be sure to look at the info paragraph column to get a sense of what is the background needed to get involved with each particular research group.

Also considering taking a graduate course or advanced undergraduate course as a way to gain deeper knowledge in an area you are interested in. Many undergraduates take graduate courses, and many of these graduate courses involve reading research papers and engaging in a research project. This provides a great way to get involved in research within the context of a course, often in a small class setting.

We also recommend you check out the Computer Science colloquium to get a sense for what’s going on in the world of Computer Science Research.

Another way to get involved with research is to do a CS91r or senior thesis.

Other useful resources

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REU Programs (Research Experience for Undergraduates funded by NSF):

Non-REU Programs:

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