Here are some additional resources to help you succeed in CS at Harvard.

  • Beginners’ Guide to CS
    Written by Harvard CS students, this guide aimsĀ to provide First Years and new CSĀ concentrators with an overview of CS in and out of Harvard.

  • Harvard CS Undergraduate Piazza
    A forum run by students and for students. If you are considering concentrating in CS, we highly recommend you sign up.

  • Peer Concentration Advisors
    Current CS concentrators that you can meet with and talk about a variety of topics! In addition to reaching out to any of the PCAs, they initiate and run a number of programs for Harvard CS.

  • Bureau of Study Counsel
    Supports students as they learn, grow, and engage in the educational opportunities available to them at Harvard. Many excellent programs, including Peer Tutoring, where you can be matched up with a peer tutor for a course.

  • Tentative course plan
    The SEAS 4 year course plan contains the most up to date plan for courses to be offered in the near future. You can filter the “catalog” entry to CS to see only computer science courses.

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